Category Archives: 1-5 Acres

Horse Properties listed within this category are no less than 1 acre and no more than 5 acres. Have a look around and hopefully you’ll find your next lease or rental for you and your horses!

Small Horse Property Needed

My husband and I are looking for a small, horse equipped, rental property in or near Colorado Springs, CO. Two horses who are easy keepers. Good fencing with no barbed wire and at least a three sided run-in shed. Please comment below if you have something that might fit the bill.

Horse Property near Raleigh N.C.

Looking for home to rent near Raleigh N.C. Home needs to have 3+ bedrooms and we are bringing two horses. Hoping for at least 3 acres and some type of shelter for the horses. I also have 3 dogs and 2 cats. Please contact me at 512-203-3071. Thanks.

Pasture for rent

3.5 acre pasture for rent in Glennville, Ga from May to Jan.
Pasture includes a 12×12 run in and water source. Soil has been tested and reseeded. Must provide self care and grain. Rent for $150 a month per horse with a 3 horse limit.